It has been a hot minute since I have last posted anything on my blog. There has been so much going on in my brain and life. It has been so long because a few things happened and I kind of spiraled and all of a sudden a few months passed and now we are in the middle of the damn year! Well shit there goes half of 2019!

Anywho…. What started my hiatus. I hit a block and got in my head about what people want to read. I don’t live a super exciting life and am trying to save all of my nickles to hopefully buy a house soon, so I try to limit myself and my excursions. With this and comparing myself to established bloggers, I lost the spark I had to write a blog. This also happened in Winter which means I don’t really see the sun and it is fucking cold out. 

With all these things going on, I didn’t want to write about anything because I felt that it wasn’t “worthy” to be posted. 

Then in February, I was let go from my job. Overall it was the best firing I could have asked for. They gave me two months to find a new job and time off to go to interviews ( like how lucky is that?) Well in the beginning it was alright. I was like Oprah giving our resumes. Slowly the ambition dropped off and no new jobs were being posted in my field. I started to feel discouraged real quick and with the unknowing of what was going to happen I got really sad.

I soon lost all motivation to do anything. If my friends hung out, I would go out but really other than that I would sit on the couch and watch TV. This is what I did for a few months. I would go to bed early because I felt like I had no life.

This continued on for a few months and really I have only just kinda gotten out of that funk. 

So what got me back to posting?I I have been sitting on this post for a few months now well because I am lazy and I was trying to enjoy the last bit of summer. Now I am trying to do better for me. I also started to not care what others thought of me so that would also entail just posting what I want and not comparing myself to others. I have  big stuff coming up in my life so hopefully that will help me with some fresh ideas. Lets hope I can stick to it this time!

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