So this has been a hot topic for quite some time. Scientists were aware of it since the 1970’s and with the use of computers in the 1990’s, we have just increased our ability of gathering data proving that the temperature of the earth is going up.

With the advances in technology, we now more than ever, have such clear data that Humans, with our advancements, are causing the earth to increase in temperatures. Scientists have said that the earth temperature has gone up 0.82 degrees Celsius since 1880. Now that doesn’t seem like a whole heck of a difference, like we are under one degree. Well if we continue on our path and reach 1.5 degrees, 70-90% of coral reefs will die and if we reach 2 degrees 99% of the reefs will have been killed off.

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Maybe people don’t care about coral reefs like I do, but that still is horrible. another fact is we are losing 413 GIGATONS of ice sheets per year. That is a fuck ton of ice. The water levels have increased 7 inches over the past 100 years. 18 of the 19 hottest years have occurred since 2001! Yes in the past 18 years we have had 18 of the hottest years!

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So when you see young people yelling at the UN or taking more action against the government for action alleviate some of the damages we have caused you can see why. We have litteral “world leaders” who think that this is a spoof and there are massive amounts of people who believe the same thing.

So yes stop using plastic bags and straws. Yes try and consume less meat. Yes try to avoid shit wrapped in plastic. Try and reduce your waste. I get it if you think that you are one person how much of an affect can you have? Well if the whole of the population thinks that, we got a shit ton of waste added to our already massive amount.

I know that a lot of people are hesitant about making changes, well what is the harm in trying? So what if the scientists made it up? We end up with a better living environment? Is that such a bad thing?

We are not trying to necessarily trying to save the earth. The earth will still be here long after the human race has killed itself off. We are really trying to save the human race. If we continue earth will become uninhabitable for us to live on which at this point means we won’t have a home.

SO please just try. I am not asking you to completely give up everything but just try and avoid certain things. Just Try.

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