easy and cheap Halloween costumes

Welp it is that time of year, the week before Halloween. I don’t know about you but I always get caught up in everyday life. I don’t even realize it is Halloween and I am scrambling for a costume so I don’t look like a fool at whatever Halloween party my friends and I have decided to go to.

So this year because I have been planning out stuff for my blog and Instagram and realized it is spooky szn with more than a days notice, I have made a list of costumes that you could possibly build out of everyday items or at least probably thrift or make very easily.

John Goodsen in Risky Business AKA TOM CRUISE’S CHARACTER

this one is pretty easy. Find a white over sized button up, some knee high mens socks (or your own regular socks) and some black sunglasses! That is it so easy.


Find a denim-ish shirt, roll up the sleeves. Tie a red bandanna around your head and show off your guns all night!


Make yourself some little piggy ears, and draw or make a snout. Walk around in a blanket all night. I feel like this will be the most comfy costume of all.


This one is more for the techy people out there. Grab a white tee and draw or use letter stickers and put Error 404 on it. You can go a step further and put costume not found but I guess it depends on you.


I feel like I barley have to explain this one because most people should know exactly what I am talking about. All you need is a hoodie (preferably purple or blue) big sunglasses, and a sign that says “She doesn’t even go here!” put the hood on and scrunch it around your face. TA-DA an amazing costume!


I love this one. Really all you need to do is make the little heart with a descriptor of it. I would just dress as myself and I would be the beanie baby. If you have an animal onesie you can put that on also.


This one is a bit more challenging but I think is worth it. Also you can go as little or as much as you want. I only did my face, but there are some people who do the whole thing. I suggest using a photo to reference . Pinterest has some great references. I used eyeliner and eye shadow for the black and concealer as the highlights on my lips.


I think this one is super easy. All you really need is solid color clothing. I choose black…. cause that is really all I wear. Then grab some white paper and write PANTONE or print it on the bottom with the registered trademark symbol. Then you can find the number you are trying to be or make it up and the name of it. Super easy!


This one will require you buying a big gift bag, but they are not too expensive. I suggest the dollar store grabbing a big bag and some tissue paper. Cut out the bottom and BAM! wear it kind of like a dress. I also suggest making a different handle to wear around your neck .


if you have a pink, red, or yellow shirt this one is easy. All you need to do is make a little head piece. Get some plastic headband from the dollar store and some green foam. cut out leaf like shapes and hot glue them to the headband. Boom you are now a strawberry or pineapple.

So there you go! some easy DIYs for costumes. I know that I will be using one of these for this years Halloween. Let me know if the comments which was your favorite or if you are going to try one of them out!


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