Well it has been just over a week since the new year and new decade have started. I don’t know about you but that is exciting!

I am not a new years resolution person at all. I never really like the word, maybe because growing up a new years resolution was always associated with diet. This isn’t the case for everyone but if I was playing a word association game, those two words would go together instantly!

another common phrase I hear all the damn time is ” new year, new me!” I don’t know about you but I like myself and I don’t want a new me. Sure there are habits I would like to break but that doesn’t make it a whole new me. I also recognize that I will fall back into those habits if I am not thinking about it. So I don’t want to have a resolution at the beginning of the year where I know I will fail and just have to keep trying. So rather then having a new years resolution, I have new years goals ( kinda the same thing but it feels better to me.)

Goals are something you want to reach and work towards. Mine are for the end of the year because it gives me plenty of time to achieve them and is a great time measurement. So here are what my goals for 2020 are

1.Do more yoga

me doing tree pose cause I am a noob

I love a good stretch and moving my body. Sometimes I don’t do that though. so at the end of the year I hope to be doing yoga every day. I sweat really easily so I always end up sliding around on the mat so I am taking tips to help with that. Also my wrists always end up hurting and my talons tend to get in the way if I use my fists, also taking tips to help with that. SO we will see where I get with this goal. Updates will be on my Instagram, so make sure to follow me to see my progress @devan.smiles

2. Get to 500 followers

Speaking of Instagram, one of my goals is to reach 500, which is probably a little low but I wanna start small and then get to a bigger goal. My goal was to reach 100 followers by the end of 2019, which I am sure I would have gotten if I would not have gotten locked out of my Instagram account! but oh well! I will just have to hustle a bit harder to make up for the last 10 followers.

3. Consistently write on my blog

this it really just to keep myself entertained. I honestly get very board so I really need my creative outlets to keep me going. This one should not be hard for me but it is still a goal cause maybe I fall back into a habit where I am just a lazy butt and don’t do it. Look for new blog posts every second Thursday!Also please keep me accountable!!!

4. Read 20 books completely

this one may be a bit hard for me just because if I go through a period where I have duds of books I lose interest. I need a very interesting book that keeps me intrigued, usually a sci fi novel. So I am looking for suggestions. Throw in the comments, send me a dm on insta with book suggestions. I want them all!! also I update my goodreads page once I finish a book so check that out also (can be found under other interesting things)

5.Try and get good at photography

I feel like this one is just me practicing and doing the learning to get good. That means that I have to go out and do it though. With this goal in mine I signed myself up for a photography class right when the new year started so hopefully this will kick start this goal. But again follow me on Instagram to see my progress. That is really where I will post my awesome pics.

So those are my goals for 2020. It is a small list but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I also felt like these are the ones I really want to focus on and work towards.

What are your goals for the new year? Let me know I love hearing what others are doing as well!!


Hi there! my name is Devan and I am the writer behind this blog! by day I am a HVAC design technician, by night I write this blog....sometimes. I plan to write about everyday life, minimalism, feminism, and the environment. hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Also I post on my Instagram when I upload a new blog so follow me there too!

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