So it is that time for another blog post, and I think the hardest thing about writing blog posts is figuring out what to write. I decided today I would write about why I started devan.smiles.com.

I have been told throughout my life that I am a generally positive person. as I have grown older I would say I am less positive because you know the state of the world (climate change, patriarchy, you know shit that gets you angry.) I also live a very privileged life ( being white and being given opportunities that not everyone has.) I know that I should use my place of privilege to change what I can.

On the flip side, I don’t like controversy. I get really uncomfortable and I am not witty. I am unable to think on my toes and if I get upset I just start crying ( thanks mom for that awesome gene.) I know that even though it makes me uncomfortable, I still need to push back and stand up for the people who don’t necessarily have a voice or are marginalized.

I by no means am perfect at this, fuck it is a constant battle in my head and heart of why didn’t I say something.

But this is why I started Devan smiles. it gives me a space to start acting on that privilege (haven’t gotten too into it yet.) This space allows me to slowly ease into using my voice. I can write about it get, get my facts straight, and feel confident in the knowledge that I have. Then maybe I can take down some fucker that tries to come at me without just turning into a mess of tears and mumbles.

Will every post be about some controversial topic? hell No! it is exhausting taking on all the worlds problems. I can barley handle one at a time whiteout being like fuck it I’m just going to lay in bed till the end of time. SO there will be some when I can muster up the brain power for them. Will I get some facts wrong? YES, it is almost impossible for me to have them straight all the time. Like I said I come from a place of privilege and I can easily overlook something that others might not. So I want it to be know that I want feedback if I have something wrong. Start the conversation so I can learn, just don’t be an ass about it.

So that is why I started this blog. I haven’t really used it for what intended yet, but I will, I just have to build up that courage and write it out!


Hi there! my name is Devan and I am the writer behind this blog! by day I am a HVAC design technician, by night I write this blog....sometimes. I plan to write about everyday life, minimalism, feminism, and the environment. hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Also I post on my Instagram when I upload a new blog so follow me there too!


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