Well another book down! Good job Devan! my goal is to read 20 books in 2020 so that puts me at 1.5 books a month. I am 1/2 a book ahead of what I need to be! Ok Devan get to the review!

OK, This book is entertaining, just like the second book that I read first (logical?).

It is a bit slow to start but eventually you get to the dinosaur parts which is really the reason we are reading this book. At one point I was like well what the fuck? If stuff is so perfect how is there still 200 pages left and when do the velociraptors get out? But trust me we get there.

Like I said in my review of lost world, I have not seen the movies for like 20 years so I have no memory of what happens in the movie. I just keep picturing Chris Pratt and Blue and clear balls rollin through dinos.

The book has many twist and turns which I love! I kinda found it a bit hard to keep all the characters straight because there are a few that have names that start with the letter H. But not too bad if you are paying attention. Like I said it was a bit slow to begin with. I was half way through the book and nothing had happened yet so I feel like it was not as action filled as the second one. Also, I won’t spoil it but there is a slight twist if you read the second book that will leave you like wtf.

pic of me in my jurassic park shirt reading jurassic park!

Overall it was a great book. I would recommend to anyone who likes more adventure books or dinosaurs. Now off to watch the movies and be disappointed that it wasn’t exactly like the books.


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