Most people don’t know this but Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday. Not because I love getting flowers are being showered in gifts but because I love the color pink, there are hearts everywhere, and cinnamon hearts are readily available ( I eat these until i am literally in pain).

I am not much of a gift person myself and my partner and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, but I thought I would put together a list of things that are nice to give to someone special. These can be used for Valentine’s day or for any gifting event. I would also Like to say that you don’t NEED to buy something. Just having a day where you can show your appreciation of your partner, I think, is a great gift. But if you want to give a physical gift I think these ideas are a nice meaningful gift.

A plush of a late pet (or current pet)

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I don’t know if you know this but you can buy a smaller felt ( the one I purchased was at least) stuffed animal of your pet. There are many other things you can get of your pet but lets be real a mini version of you best friend? Who wouldn’t want that? I actually got this for my partner’s birthday in the early years of our relationship and it was awesome. IT made them cry they loved it so much! All you need is to know what type of animal it was and have a few photos for the company to reference. Also the one I linked below donates some of the money back to a shelter!

A star

I have not purchased ones of these before, but my sister/ family has revived one, and Fuck I want one for myself ( but like not from myself ya know.) I am absolutely fascinated with outer space and stars so it kind of is right up my alley. It was awesome, it told you the coordinated, you could name it and there was a bunch of stuff with it. So you know if your partner or person you care about is into that I think this would be an awesome gift. I don’t remember where the one my sister received was from but I found one websites that look pretty cool.

A Star map

Continuing on with my astronomy theme here, but you can literally get a picture of the stars on any significant day. Birthday? you bet you can get that! Wedding night? For sure. And it is over the location you pick which is awesome! I think it is cute to get the nigh sky the day they were born, but that is just me. I have linked a whole ton that are found on etsy!

A care package

I feel like a care package can be such a personal thing and you can do it yourself! I have made a few of these and the people who have revived them loved it. There are also companies that do make little care packages to which is nice if you are a busy person or time just escapes you. I personally like going and making my own cause then I am picking out the stuff and it is extra personal.

Alcohol or coffee or tea or something they will drink

Sometimes beverages are the best gift and buying someone something they may not buy themselves is always nice. Get them a fancier bottle of wine or a bottle of hard alcohol that they might not get often. If they don’t drink alcohol then maybe grab them some fancier coffee or tea. These seem simple but I like receiving stuff like this. It means I don’t have to go out and get it myself and I will usually use it if not use it when people come over.

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Anything home made

maybe it is their favorite cookies or dessert. Maybe planning an extravagant meal you get to make them. Either way I am sure that it will mean so much to them having that personal touch. I like to make my homemade taco seasoning and put it in a jar for people. I have also made steak rubs that have turned out awesome.


but not just any socks get food socks. I literally just found these while compiling my list and I want the all. Like everyone needs socks right? but no one wants to buy socks, and these just happen to be the best looking socks ever! Also probably not the most meaningful gift BUT they are pretty awesome!

These ideas I tried to make more general but really maybe the person you are buying for wouldn’t like any of these things? In all honesty just try and get something that they will use and like. Give yourself enough time to find it because there is a good chance that you will need to order it online and shipping is a bitch. If you can’t think of anything, take them out for a nice meal. We all need food and not having to think about it or cook it is amazing.

Happy Valentine’s day!


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