you know what… isolation is teaching me things

so the world is a mess with COVID-19. Canada especially has been taking the social isolation seriously, which is good don’t get me wrong, it just sucks. There is nothing more that I want to do than be sitting on a pubs patio basking in the sun as a waitress brings me multiple glasses of local beers. Given it just snowed a fuck ton the other day, still that is what I want.

So I have been working from home for about a week now, and honestly I am loving it. I literally roll out of bed, make a coffee, and go sit on my computer and do my HVAC thing. My boobs have never felt such freedom and they are loving it!

As much as my boobs and I are loving this work from home, I am hating the social distancing and not leaving my house unless I have to. It truly sucks. I am use to hanging out with my friends weekly. Usually on the weekends, my friends and I get together and hang out. Damn I miss that. My Saturday nights with friends have been replaced with video chats (which are not the same).

So at the beginning of this whole thing (in Canada) I was sad, which is normal. Also my partner and I blindly jumped into getting a dog. This did not end well. The dog was very high energy and we could not keep up. So we also had that upset early on.

Once I got over the heartbreak of having to take a dog back to the SPCA, I decided that I need to fill my time with something other than mindless tv. So I have been doing a few things. I have been watching youtube cooking channels, my personal favorite is Joshua Weissman. I originally found him on tic tok and loved his videos and then I found him on youtube and he has taught me so much. I am now determined to make the most amazing pizza!

Another thing that I will be doing is re-teaching myself calculus. I am very thankful that the library has closed and isn’t taking books back cause I have yet to start. I have also heard (I have’t checked it out yet) that some universities such as MIT, have released online courses that you can learn for free. Like you don’t get a degree but it will help to understand if you are planning to go back to school or if you just want to learn.

so in this whole isolation, I am learning things. I am learning not to take things for granted because you will miss them. I am learning how to make pizza, and I am re-learning calculus.

let me know how you days are going through the COVID-19 Pandemic? How are you making the time pass? Let me know in the comments!


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