Braiding Sweetgrass by: Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

I have heard so many good things about this book! I kept seeing people suggest it and so naturally I was pretty pumped to get my hands on it.

When the time came and I got my notification from the library I was like YESSSSS! Unfortunately, I only had it for 14 days which was pushing it because I also was listening to another book at the same time.

Anywho let’s get to this book review, all I can say is WOW! I absolutely loved this book (as expected). I felt so calm reading it and if made me want to go and learn more about the earth around me and more about the Indigenous People that were here before the colonizers.

Each chapter was a story, which I love because it helps me keep things straight in my mind.

I super loved that she told some stories that were about the classes she taught and others about her roots and her family. I really liked the variety of the stories that were told because they were all so interesting.

“We are referred to as the younger brothers of Creation, so like younger brothers we must learn from our elders. Plants were here first and have had a long time to figure things out.”

I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. I loved it so much I might buy it (not a common thing for me). So I highly recommend reading it. This books gets 5 stars because it was such an amazing read.

5 pink stars in a row

I probably won’t have a post next week because I have started a new day job. Getting back into working and having an influx of new information has really wiped me out. However, keep your eyes peeled for the week after!

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