Untamed by Glennon Doyle

The latest book for me to review is Untamed. There is a pretty good chance you have probably seen it or heard of it because it is quite popular. The only reason I am able to write this review right now is because I got a skip the line copy from the library ( I dunno how it works but sometimes they show up and I snag them). I full didn’t expect to be writing this review till like next year sometime.

a picture of devan's phone which shows the cover of Untamed and the play button. The cover is full of swirls of different colour and sparkles. The cover evokes a feeling of magic.

I won’t lie when I saw this book and everyone raveing about it I was definitely thinking, Uggh another white mother who is telling us how we need to change and then goes on to say how they found themselves. I have read enough of those books to really start hating them (I was apart of a book club and that was most of the books we read.)

Now I wasn’t completely wrong about my assumption, she is white, she is a mother, and she does find herself. However I felt like this book was more of her discovering how societies “norms” really are just stupid. Which I think is great because I am not a huge fan of the “normal”. By discovering that we don’t have to adhere to these norms she finds herself.

I will also say that this book is a little bit different because she talks about her marriage ending and how she falls in love with her now wife. I should preface that her first marriage was hetero. Which I love that she found herself and figured out that she liked women. This isn’t the norm for most books like this so I was very pleased about that.

There is a lot of “a-ha” moments in this book which I really liked. I believe that most of them had to do with what society deemed as normal and realizing na that isn’t right like I have said a few times by now.

One of these moments is in the chapter called tick marks. Glennon goes into detail about how she performed voter fraud on the high school homecoming votes just so she could be one of the “golden ones” (her words not mine) because we are conditioned to think that we need to be the popular kids for our lives to be happy then you don’t get picked on or made fun of.

We then are taken back into present day and Glennon realizes how much money she has spent just to look how society has told her she needs to look. Also how harsh society is to those who don’t maintain that standard. This story just attached itself to me. I have felt this way for soooo long it really just hit home.

There were so many other stories and examples that Glennon talked about that just made me be like YES!!!! please more people need to hear this!

I really really liked this book. I believe that everyone should read it because it is amazing and points out so many things that we are conditioned to do, like not leave a situation when you feel uncomfortable in because you were told to not leave ( it is a story in the book that makes more sense just don’t want to spoil it).

I felt like this book was written really well and even though it may not be chronological, it made sense the way it was written. I followed along easily.

I will say that I got this book as an audiobook and that was really nice. It was Glennon reading it so I got to hear how she intended everything to sound and where anger or sadness was that you wouldn’t necessarily have gotten by just reading it.

I am giving this book a 5 star review. I loved the whole thing and recommend it for anyone to read.

five pink stars

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