So I posted a lot of book reviews on the blog this year. Especially near the end of the year. Like that is all I posted at one point. That was because I had a goal of reading 20 books for 2020. Now in reality that is not a lot of books (I feel). This is just under 2 books a month. But with life and being a lazy butt, I knew that this was still going to be a challenge.

So naturally I have to rate my top read of 2020. After reading 20, I thought 5 was a good amount to do. I will also link my reviews of them.

Starting at number 5 we have:

5.Atomic Habits

This book makes my top five because I actually found it interesting about creating habits. Have I put any into motion to create better habits for myself…No but I plan on it once I get my shit together.

4. Untamed

This one makes my list because it had many good points that everyone needs to hear. As much as it is another white lady selling “self help”, it had views that were different then any other “Self help” books.

3. Braiding Sweetgrass

This book will hads down make my list at all times. The only reason it isn’t number 1 is because I really enjoyed the stories that are in #2 and #1 spots. This book made me want to appreciate the world that is around me more. Not the city but the natural world. This book also made me think of how humans just take and don’t think of the consequences.

2. Pandemic

So I read this book right as COVID-19 was just picking up in North America. I will say the pandemic in the book had a hell of a lot more casualties. As much as it was weird reading about a pandemic, I really enjoyed the story. I have yet to read the sequel but maybe in the new year I will.

1. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

This book just had such a great story, I wanted to keep reading to find out how it would end. I highly recommend this book if you like reading non-fiction.

So there it is, my top 5 books that I read over 2020. Do you have a top 5 list? Let me know in the comments if you do, I am always looking for recommendations and I will need to get it all figured out for the next year!

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