We got a Puppo!

Really the title says it all. We got a dog. Well we actually got a dog the first week in November. If you follow me on instagram, you have probably seen pictures of her. If you don’t follow me on instagram, then go follow me because I post adorable pictures of my Pup.

Anywho, everyone meet Brie ( yes she is named after the cheese 🧀)

Brie, a very fluffy black and cream dog with gold garland for a christmas tree around her
Brie getting festive for Christmas

This photo was taken at the end of November but it really is just too adorable to not share. She had also gotten some vaccines this day and I believe that is the only reason I was able to put garland around her.

My partner and I have been on the hunt for a dog for quite some time. We actually had a dog for a week in February, but quickly found out that we were not compatible. It was super heartbreaking for us both. Then I had no job for 3 months so we made the decision to hold off till we had a bit more funds. Eventually we were successful at adopting a puppy from a rescue!

I knew that I needed something fuzzy and living to occupy my time during winter and COVID. My partner was not so set on getting Brie when I first found her, but he was willing to meet her and see where it went.

When we met her it was an immediate YES, firstly because she was adorable, secondly because he did not want to drive 2 hours home with me crying and being angry at him.

I won’t lie, the first two weeks were horrible. I don’t know if it felt extra horrible for me because of the added stress of a new job and everything pandemic wise but I was starting to think that we just were not going to be dog people. But with a little bit a digging around on the internet, watching A LOT of youtube videos, and getting in some good training everything started to turn around.

Everyday gets a bit better with her. She is very smart and can pick up on tricks really fast, if only the ankle biting will stop! Even that has subsided a bit, but every so often she accidently clamps down and gets you good. Let’s hope for my arms sake that stops after teething.

Anywho if you want to see more cute photos of Brie, follow me on instagram. I share them regularly enough.

Brie standing in a hallway with a blue and yellow tennis ball in her mouth. The tennis ball is too big for her mouth so it is look to ready to fall out of her mouth.
Brie playing keep away

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