Foto February

This year I wanted to challenge myself in taking more photos. I really like taking photos but I find a good chunk of the time they don’t turn out and then I get discouraged. Not this year though! I have planned a whole month of photography.

photo of someone taking a photo on their cell phone of the dinner setting that they have.
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Every day in February, I will be taking a photo, editing it, and posting it within 24 hours. Each day has a different word that can be interpreted however the person wants. I will have everydays theme below if anyone wants to do this challenge with me.

February 1st: Outside

February 2nd: Self

February 3rd: Texture

February 4th: Landscape

February 5th: Workspace

February 6th: Pink

February 7th: Breakthrough

February8th: Shadows

February 9th: Light

February 10th: Round

February 11th: Sharp

February 12: Bright

February 13th: Frozen

February 14th: Love

February 15th: Close

February 16th: Warm

February 17th: Value

February 18th: Broken

February 19th: Above

February 20th: Food

February 21st: Morning

February 22nd: Time

February 23rd: Below

February 24th: Cold

February 25th: Small

February 26th: Far away

February 27th: Inside

February 28th: Evening

Like I said above, each word can be interpreted however the creative feels, the only thing is that it has to be taken in the 24 hours previous to its posting.

If you want to participate all I ask is that you use the #fotofeb2021 and #devansmiles just so that I can also see your photos. I will be posting mine everyday on instagram but will also write a roundup post with all my photos that were taken.

I hope that you participate! I think it will help get through one of the last months of winter.

Happy Snapping!đź“·


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