Goals check-in

Welp we are a month in to 2021 and I feel that I have really just been working on my goals. There isn’t much else to do when you have been told to say home and see no one (Thanks COVID).

So as a recap here or you can read them below 🙂

  1. get a 1000 followers on my instagram page
  2. learn to roller skate
  3. read 21 books
  4. blog consistently
  5. be more mindful
  6. go to therapy

So number one is a slow start which is to be expected. Unless I go viral for something, we won’t be moving super fast on that one. But if you want to help me with my goal by all means follow and share! 🙂

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

for 2, it is the dead of winter here is Saskatoon. There is no way that I am roller skating outside right now and as far as I am aware of there is no place to roller skate inside, RIP rollerworld. I have however been working on my balance because that is a big issue for me. I have just finished 30 days of yoga with Yoga with Adriene (her breath series). I felt that this definitely help a bit, still have a ways to go but we are getting there.

reading 21 books… has had a rough start. I just have not been feeling reading or listening to audiobooks. I am listening to one right now but I am not as into it right now.

blog consistently which is once a week. I have been doing really well for this one. I have a good chunk of posts planned out and I really just need to write them. So I’ma pat myself on the back for this one.

Devan in her pink office sitting behind her computer looking at the screen. Probably re-reading a blog post because she has horrendous grammar skills
look at me go!

Being more mindful. This one I have also been doing well in. Along with doing 30 days of yoga, I have started to meditate everyday. I use the headspace app and am following the 365 days on meditation. I have been meditating everyday before work which has really set me up for a good day. I have noticed that I don’t get as flustered when I get dumped on with a bunch of projects. Normally this would have sent me into a spiral and it would end in me making a ton of mistakes. So meditation has been a very positive change for me.

Go to therapy. This is the big one that I put on here to keep myself accountable. I had been doing a ton of looking around and I found one place that I felt I really wanted to go to. I just had my first session and I absolutely loved it. My therapist is amazing! I am so happy that it was a good experience and I don’t have to keep trying out different therapists (that is exhausting). I also believe that I am in a much different headspace than I was when I first tried going to therapy, which probably helped this session go so well.

So yea, that is how my goals are going. January has flown by for me, which I love because once I get through February, I always believe that March gets warmer and really that is all I want right now is warm weather.

So until next time

P.S. Have you checked out my Foto February post? I am taking and posting pictures based on 1 word. Check out my instagram to see the photos. Also check out the post to see the themes and take part


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