Yoga for 30 days

Hello all! if you cannot tell from the title, for the past 30 days I have been doing yoga. I followed yoga by Adriene on youtube who had a 30 day calendar and video everyday for January 2021. It was a great way to start the year and it gave me time to myself where I got to stretch and move my body.

To be honest, I did not think that I was going to complete the 30 days. I have never been one to follow something like this. Usually once I skip a day I am done. It is a bad habit but it has been how I am. So I fully went into this thinking that I wa not going to finish but was willing to give it a try.

Devan standing in her bright pink room in tree pose. She is wearing tight black yoga pants and a white crop sweater

I have done yoga many times before. I actually use to do it quite a bit through the gym I would go to a while back. I would always feel good once I left but I also felt super discouraged because the instructor never really gave modifications. And therefore I never stuck to it.

So what made this different? I think there are a few reasons that all kind of accumulated to make me keep at it. The first being that if you had signed up for it and subscribed to her youtube channel, there was a notification on my phone every morning when I woke up. So a nice reminder to do the practice and making it very easily accessible for me.

The second thing was it was my time alone. I didn’t have to chase Brie around or distract her from chewing (we are in the middle of teething). There were a few time that I left my office door open if I needed to be aware of her, and those days where not so great for practice. She always wanted to come and lick my face and be right in the middle of it all.

The third thing is I was easy on myself. I knew that there were things that I just would not be able to do because of being fat or just because I am not as flexible. I told myself going in that I have to be gentle on myself and modify how I needed to. Yoga should not cause me pain and so I adjusted or sought out ways to modify. The big difference in this for me was actually seeing and following fat yoga instructors. These yoga instructors showed me ways that I could modify and validated that I don’t have to do everything exactly like the instructor in the video.

Lastly, the thing that kept me motivated was my visual countdown. Is that the right way to put it? Well I have a white board that I see as I walk in and out of my office and on there I had marks for when I finished a practice. So everyday I saw how far I had come. It was a really good reminder of my challenge.

Devan in warrior 2 in her pink room. She is wearing black yoga pants with a white crop sweater.

I also kept a note were I would write down how I felt every day after the practice (sometimes many days after). So here is the round up on what I thought of each day.😊

Day 1: felt a little discouraged because I’m fat. Found an alternative to downward dog so that makes me optimistic.i fucking hate downward dog.

Day 2: trap soreness but I like it. Smashed my toe into the wall during sesh…not fun. Need to work on balance and centring I beleive

Day 3: body is feeling sore but good? I feel more limber. Foot still hurts after yesterday’s wall smashing. Yoga will be difficult today. Also first day back to work so I don’t get to do it whenever I want. Did it later. Toe was not bad.

Day 4: arms hurt a bit but I am unsure if it is from yoga or training brie for walking or playing tug and pulling a 25lb dog around. Overall my body feels good. This morning I felt limber and was squatting when playing outside. So that is good

Day 5: my body feels good. Last nights session I couldn’t do part of it because of my lower back. Not πŸ’― what the problem is but I am sure anyone will tell me it is because I have a weak core. Possibly the next month challenge.

Day 6: yoga was very coreorientedd today and I liked that! even more reason to do a corechallengee

Day 7: body feels good. Brie joined me for yoga which made it hard to do. I am looking forward to day 8 because snuggly has been said and I love snuggly.

Day 8:. Loved today’s practice. I felt my body move different then before. I also did yoga naked today because why not! Felt very relaxed and am ready to move onto today!

Day 9: today was balancing and damn I need to work on that. My ankles are very weak (always have been) so it felt good to work on that aspect.

Day 10: definitely felt yesterdays balancing in my legs today and it felt so good πŸ™‚ makes me miss going to the gym. I liked today’s practice it felt good πŸ™‚

Day 11: today had a lot of downward dog and it ain’t easy flowing from my modified through the rest. Hopefully this practice will lead to make downward dog easier. Also my side biceps hurt so good. Also started my period today so that is fun

Day 12:wow I did the yoga squat and did it flat footed. I am so proud of myself πŸ₯° downward dog is still a bitch but I feel like I am getting better. Everyday my body thanks me for this yoga practice ☺️

Day 13: I did a full downward dog today, only once but I did it. I am so proud of myself. I feel my body moving better as I reach the half way point to this challenge. I will probably continue on past 30 days but we will see.

Day 14: was able to do most of the stuff today but there were some poses that I could have really used a strap to make it easier but was to lazy to pull out my strap. Today was longer but it was also really good 😊

Day 15: was a bit distracted by a cute doggo while doing yoga so it was not as good as it normally it

Day 16: today was all just breathing with small stretch breaks… I loved it. I had no issues with the 8 and 8 so that makes me feel like a professional breather.

Day 17: it was a good day felt good to move

Day 18: did downward dog again today and it feels better. Today was about centre and it felt good to do it all😊

Day 19: damn my abs hurt today! I have not core engagement for a while and it shows. But I love the sore feeling 😸 need to keep this up. Today was a longer one and brie wanted to partake which means a not so great sesh but oh well. I am loving comming to the mat and doing this everyday 😊

Day 20: was very short which was nice I was able to get so much more done but also I like it a bit longer. I had trouble with the pauses on the exhale. Not sure why but I felt like I was sofdocating

Day 21: was not feeling it today came to the mat, started but ended just kinda laying in childs pose most of the time.

Day 22: I liked today’s practice. It felt really good

Day 23: I didn’t write down what I feel till 2 days after so I don’t remember.

Day 24: brie kept getting in the way…. Oh well was still able to do most of the session ☺️ am feeling fully confident in my downward dog πŸ• so it that is all that comes from this I am happy

day 25: i liked today’s theme and I like the practice too. Felt really good and stretchy

Day 26: was short but nice, could not do the twisty bridge but that is ok

Day 27: I really liked all the breath work in this one. Because I am also doing 365 days of meditation along with this I have come to love breath work.

Day 28: felt good today. It was faster paced but I was mostly able to keep up. Did downward dog multiple times which is a big deal. I am getting better at it.

Day 29: today was also faster paced. To be expected seeing that we are at the end of the 30 days (one more day) I was able to keep up for the most part which makes me happy. There were a few times where my belly button suctioned to the mat so that was a fun sound. Looking forward to tomorrow πŸ˜ƒ but also know it is going to be a doozy…. 1 hour 😐

Day 30: well today’s practice was different. Adrienne took off her mic so it was more of a free for all. That isn’t a bad thing but I feel that I still need guidance and the push to do the moves. I basically just followed what she didπŸ˜ƒ I did however need to stop 1/2 way because we ordered food and I wanted a hot meal. The second half was much slower I would say. The first half had lots of Sun salutations and lots of warrior. Anywho after the hour I felt great! My body was nice a stretched.

And now my journey continues. I have kept up with yoga everyday because my body is feeling great. I have noticed some changes that I am very happy for. It is also my alone time and I really like that.

So yeah, that is me doing 30 days of yoga, maybe we will see more yoga! Who knows!

Until next time,


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