Things you might not know when you get a puppy

I grew up with dogs. My family always had 2 dogs at the same time. So I am very familiar with dogs, but we never had a puppy. I would say that the dogs were always around a year, so kind of a puppy but also not.

So when we got Brie, it was such a world of a difference and my partner and I had some learning to do.

So here is a list of things that I discovered when we got Brie.

1.puppies need 18 to 20 hrs of sleep a day

Brie is curled up asleep on her round dog bed. She has an abundance of toys at her butt just in case she needs them.
Brie taking a nappy nap

Are you surprised by this one cause I sure was. Once we googled how much sleep Brie was suppose to be getting, we realized that she was very much sleep deprived. She also would not put herself to sleep so he had to force her to nap. This worked really well in our favor because of crate training and getting her use to our work schedule. Once she got a good amount of sleep we noticed a huge difference in her.

2. Puppy Blues are a real thing

The first 2 weeks of having Brie were a emotional rollercoaster. I was constantly second guessing our choice to get a dog. I won’t lie I probably cried and had a breakdown everyday for those 2 weeks. One day while I was googling something about puppies, I discovered that other people also got this way. Once I started to dig into it I found out that even people who have raised multiple dogs from a puppy can get the puppy blues. Knowing that others also had similar feeling help validate what I was going through and showed me that there was a light and it would get better.

I am writing this at Brie’s 5 month mark and I can guarantee that it does get better. Brie has become an amazing dog.

3. What works for others might not work for you

Brie is once again on her round bed but is awake. She has her front paws crossed holding her favorite toy sharky.
Brie being a sweet baby angel

Every dog is different, just like humans. I will say that it took a few different iterations of different training techniques for Brie to learn things. For example teaching your puppy not to bite. A good majority of things that I was reading was saying yell ouch really loud and the pup will learn. This is because when puppies are playing they cry when they are hurt, makes sense. Well that didn’t work on Brie. What did work was us walking away from her when she would bite really hard. After a few rounds of that she learnt that play was over if I bite too hard. So there is a chance you will have to try a few things before you find the one that is going to work.

4. There are dog trainers on youtube and they will be your best friend

I really don’t know how people did training before youtube. It has honestly been an amazing resource. If there is a trait that you might want to work on… there is a youtube video for that. Oh you want to know how your dog is developing and where they should be at? Yep you guessed it there is a video for that. I have really messed with my algorithm for my normal videos because of how many training videos I have watched.

5. You are not a failure if you don’t get the training right.

Brie is walking with her pink leash. there is a large amount of snow so you cannot see the sidewalk.
Brie on her first walk

hey there are going to be things that don’t go as planned and you know what that is ok. Dogs are pretty tainable at any point. There are people who do this for a living that you can pay to help you also.

There are a few things that Brie is going to have to wait to be trained on because we got her in the winter and I am not freezing my ass off training her how to properly walk on a leash. That is a spring task. She can walk all over the place for now.

These are just a few things that I learnt. I am sure there are so many more but this is a continuous process so we are always learning something. I hope this helps if you are planning on getting a puppy.

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