International Women’s day

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s day or IWD for short. A day that was brought to fruition by Clara Zetkin, Kate Duncker, and Paula Thiede in 1910. The date of March 8th was because in 1917 in Soviet Russia women gain the right to vote after a food strike. The United Nations adopted this holiday in 1977 and it is now a day of recognition internationally.

a graphic with drawings of women along the bottom. Text above the women reads International Women's Day, March 8th, 2021 #challengeToChange

So, I really didn’t know that March 8th was International Women’s day till a few years ago. Which I find really sad. I can’t say exactly when I learnt of this day but it definitely was not in elementary or high school. I didn’t learn about it in university because I was in a very male dominated college and everyone was very busy so it was never a thing.

This is really unfortunate because learning about other strong women would have been game changing for me. To be fair a lot of things that I know now would have changed a lot about growing up, which I am sure that everyone says,but learning to celebrate women would have been awesome.

Anywho let’s talk more about the theme of IWD, Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world. There is no doubt that women have been at the forefront for this pandemic mostly as front line workers and essential workers. The theme for IWD is to highlight these efforts and sacrifices that have been made by women for the past year.

We have seen so many people be impacted by COVID, and women are at the head of it.

  1. There has been more economic stress in everyone’s lives, will wage loss and layoffs happening everywhere.

2. There is an increase in gender based violence. More people are at home now, when maybe going to work was their escape from a situation.

3. There are reduced access to services in general because of COVID

4. lastly there has been an increase in caregivers and housework. More people are at home which means that there will be more work to do around the home. Maybe a loved one was pulled out of a care home to live with you. This puts extra strain on the home no matter what.

Overall there are a lot of things that directly affect women. As much as I would love to say just split the work, that just is not the case. There are a lot of people out there who have the mentality that “women do the housework and men bring home the bacon.”

There is a lot more to think about then just catching COVID.

So let’s think about how things may be affecting other and let’s keep pushing the boundaries for gender equality.

Let’s do it all because women are strong As Fuck!

Happy International Women’s Day

Here are some links to the United Nations websites and actions everyone can do to help get to equality.


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