5 Ways to get organized

In all honestly I am constantly going from a clean and organized desk space to complete chaos in literally minutes. My partner actually just said to me this weekend ” you have to be the only person I know who can have a sparkling clean kitchen and I turn around and back again to an utter disaster.”

Realistically this has been my life, I have always been like this. If I am allotted the space, my chaos spreads out. I remember working in a soil lab and I would be doing one test alone and I had three tables with all of my shit on it.

As I am writing this my two desks are a complete disaster, it is just something that gets pushed to the back of the to-do list constantly.

Especially now with working from home, my office is just a giant mess because it has the added work bullshit added to it.

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So here are some tips on how I get organized and try to keep it that way (until my chaotic-ness bubbles over).

Make sure things have homes to go back to

This one is super helpful to me. If it doesn’t have a specific place to go back to it just stays out. Then the chaos that is my mess starts and all hell breaks loose.

Reset your area

Once you are done wherever you are, clean it up. This one can be hard because when you have a million things on the go stopping to clean up your mess isn’t helping your timeline. I swear on my life that this helps so much though. I do sometimes falter and hence why my desk is a mess right now.

Change things up

I find this one helps me a lot. If I change up my office for example I tend to want to keep it clean because it feels “new”. I know that not everyone can just move things around but even changing up the way it is styled can give it a breath of fresh air that is needed to keep tidy.

Make things easy for yourself

When organizing an area don’t make it super hard to upkeep it. If it is hard to keep it going you will set yourself up to fail. Keep it simple and you will be better off.

It doesn’t have to be pretty

Your organization doesn’t have to be instagram worthy, if you can use things that you already have do it. Going out and buying all of these pretty containers for organizing is expensive. I know that some people feed off of things looking pretty, I am one of them, so it can benefit me to have it look like a certain esthetic. However I am a conscious consumer so I make things work and utilize my space better. Just remember it doesn’t have to look a certain way it just has to work.

So that is a few ways that I keep myself organized. I hope that these tips can help you in keeping yourself organized also. Now I must go and clean up the chaos that is my desk, which will hopefully stay clean for more than 5 minutes.


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