9 Harmless April fools day pranks anyone can do

Welp tomorrow is the day where everyone is sceptical about everything, or everyone forgets what day it is and falls for the April fools day jokes. I figured why not add fuel to the fire and give out 9 harmless April fools day pranks that anyone can do.

Bring veggies in a doughnut box

This one is just so funny. I know I’ve been had by muffins so veggies will cut so much deeper.

Putting a sticker over the optical part of a mouse

This one is so simple so it can be done quick. All you need is a small piece of a post-it note and you are golden.

Blocking the sensor on the TV remote

this one is in the same realm as the mouse one. so simple and easy and will generally have people confused for a bit.

Giving someone “juice” but it is jello

I think that this one would be amazing for playing a little prank on kids or I guess an avid juice drinking adult.

Make a shortcut for a word in someone’s phone

I have seen this one so many times on tik tok and I think it is just hilarious. Sometimes they cannot figure it out or think that it is just auto correct.

Put squished up toilet paper in the end of someone’s shoes

Have someone thinking their feet go bigger over night. Make sure you get a lot in there so they really think that their shoes are too small.

baking soda in toothpaste

This one maybe a bit harder just because toothpaste comes in a variety of colour. However you might be able to pass it off because who is paying attention to their toothpaste colour in the morning?

draw a spider on the toilet paper roll

This one would be quite funny because it will just startle the person until they realize it is drawn on. An almost bug as my friend Jess would call it.

Classic Whoopie Cushion

if you can get this one curdose to you. you kind of have to sneak it under their butt or under their cushion, but not make it too obvious.

So there you go, 9 harmless April fools day pranks anyone can do! Let me know in the comments if you have done any of these or if you plan on doing any. I would love to hear about any of these in action.

Until next time,


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