Spring Cleaning Tips!

Well it is about that time, Spring Cleaning!

It has been spring for a few weeks, but where I live we also had a decent amount of snow recently. It seems that the false spring is gone and real spring is here, it is time for some spring cleaning tips.

I don’t know what it is about just the thought of spring cleaning but it puts me in a mood. Like the smell of lemon cleaner and everything being dusted just does it for me.

I normally go pretty hard when I clean up the house regularly, but Spring cleaning is a different type of clean for me! Check out my list below for all the things that get “spring cleaned” in my house.

a picture of some green gloves with a spray bottle of what is assumed cleaning solution. The text to the left of the picture says "Spring Cleaning Tips, www.devansmiles.com". The whole picture also has tan, grey and pink blobs sporadically placed.

Spring Cleaning Tips

// Get your air ducts

I feel like this is one that gets passed over by a lot of people, and as a HVAC specialist it is my job to remind you to CLEAN YOUR DUCTS. Given this doesn’t have to be a yearly thing I would say every 2 years especially if you have pets or kids.

//Furnace filter

this one goes hand in hand with the ducts, change your filter/wash your filter if you have a washable one.

// Dust those high spots

even though you might not be able to see the dust up there, it is still up there! make sure you run a damp cloth or the duster over it to clean it up.

//clean the top of the baseboards

I usually forget to clean off the top of my baseboards because like who has the time? So this is my reminder to do that 🙂

//Filter in the vacuum

this one should be done more frequently (for surly every few months) but it is always nice to get everything all cleaned up all at once.

// Clean the light fixtures

I know that some people probably have ceiling tittys and those are pretty close to the ceiling so not a lot gets in there, however there maybe spider webs or dead bugs in the more open types. This is your reminder to take those down and clean them up.

// organize any cupboards that might have became chaotic

I don’t know about you but there are many cupboards and storage places that are pure chaos. So now that I am in the cleaning mood is the perfect time to organize them again and hope that they stay a bit more organized!

// Go through your closet

this one is nice because it helps you find clothing that you may have forgot about. My wardrobe is not massive by any means but it is still nice to rotate things and maybe put my summer clothing back in there because warm weather is on its way😎.

// “strip” your towel and linens

I have personally never done this and am also skeptical, however I will always try something once and see how it goes. So I guess the recipe is 1 bath tub of hot hot water, 1:1:2 ratio of borax, washing soda ( sodium carbonate if your nasty) and detergent in that order for the ratio. We will see if it works and how much of a pain in the ass it is.

Well there you go, some spring cleaning tips for your living space. Maybe spring cleaning isn’t for you and that is totally cool, but I will say to clean your air ducts and change/clean your filters for air quality reasons. I hope that you get to enjoy your now super clean house as much as I love the smell of lemon cleaners!

until next time,

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