Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy

Have you ever come across the statement “eat the frog”? Well in the past 2 months I have seen that statement numerous times. It clearly got to the point where I googled “Eat the Frog”. THis is the review of the book that is making it very popular right now. I believe it actually originates with Mark Twain or Nicolas Chamfort. I think now more people have read this book and associate it with it. At least that is what google would lead me to believe.

So now that I found it was from a book I searched for it in my library and got it. It was a three hour book on productivity. I thought to myself a three hour book is nothing and who know maybe it will help give me ideas to be more productive. Well I finished it in no time and here is my review.

devans phone with the cover of Eat that Frog as an audiobook open. The cover has a yellow background with the top corner of a clock with a frog on it. The title "Eat that frog" in large black font on the right of the book.
the audiobook Eat that Frog!

Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

This book lays out 21 ways to become more productive. The whole premise is to “eat the biggest and ugliest frog first thing”. The frog being the ugliest task that you have to get done. Once that “frog” is out of the way the other tasks won’t be so bad.

The book definity had some great point on how to be more productive. It references some what I suspect to be research about productivity, which I will believe to be true.

Do I remember all 21 things to do? Hell no. I can hardly remember all the tasks that I need to do at work let alone ways to sort them to be more productive.

There was one story in the book, that did stand out as odd but maybe that is just where I come from. The story was about a woman who focused on the top 3 tasks that would make her double her impact at work. Then she told her boss of this method and said if this works will you double and he agreed I was like wtf. Like in my industry that is a huge jump. Unless you are commission based and you work your ass you don’t just earn double your income over a month. Unless you were being severely underpaid to begin with.

Anyways if you are looking to become more productive in work or life, this may be a good book to read. It is short, at least for me. There are also lots of good point that would probably benefit people who just need to start somewhere.

Short and sweet book, short and sweet review.

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