My 30 for 30 list

It was my birthday yesterday and not just any old birthday, my 30th. When one of my best friends turned 30, she made a 30 for 30 list and I thought this was such an amazing idea that I had to copy it ( Hi Jess!).

When I first started this list I had 3 things and I was like how am I going to come up with a total 30 fucking things that I don’t normally do? Welp it turns out that a lot of people tend to do something like this. Some people do it over a decade, some for a year. Mine will be for the year so I wanted some reasonable goals. Like I am in no way going to be jetting off to Bora Bora this year.

So I sat myself down looked at other people’s lists for insteration and came up with 30 things that I want to do while I am 30.

30 for 30

// Get a facial at a spa

// Go on a solo trip

// Finish my office

// Have a total of 100 posts on my blog

// Build a capsule wardrobe

// Make a pair of jeans

//Establish my style

// Go to Banff or Jasper

// Have a dinner party

// Get professional couple photos

// Spend a day at the lake

// Start an RRSP

// Take a pottery class

// Get a hammock (if I don’t get one for my birthday)

// Spend a whole day in the hammock

// Make a cheesecake

// Practice astrophotography

// Have an epic outdoor movie night

// Give blood

// Buy yourself flowers regularly

// Grow my platforms

// Start to learn ASL

// Rock more crop tops

// Make my own pasta

// Get good at cocktail making

// Go phone free for 1 day

// Take a milk bath photo

// Have more deep convos

// What the sun rise at a lake

//Write a letter to 40 year old Devan

And there you have it! 30 things that I want to do this year! Will it be easy? Hell no but I will def enjoy doing everyone of these 😊 But check back as I post updates about my list!

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Hi there! my name is Devan and I am the writer behind this blog! by day I am a HVAC design technician, by night I write this blog....sometimes. I plan to write about everyday life, minimalism, feminism, and the environment. hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Also I post on my Instagram when I upload a new blog so follow me there too!

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  1. Happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a lovely celebration 💗🥳 Such a great list and have no doubt that you can achieve all your goals this year 💪 Going for a facial and professional couple photos sounds fun! Have a wonderful day 🤗

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