Pup-date on Brie!

Brie is officially an 8 month old puppy! Yaaay! So here is a little Pup-date on Brie

She got spayed just over a month ago and that was a fun time. While talking to the vet they said that there was the option to get PJs that go cover the incision so that it can’t be licked. When I say get the PJs I very highly recommend the PJs. Unfortunately Brie also got a random dew claw removed on her foot so we had to have the cone.

She had no issue running into the back of our legs with her damn cone. Didn’t even phase her. One time we were out in the backyard and she took off around the corner of the garage and all I heard was a thump, and then see her running back over and her cone has a huge crack in it and a chunk missing. She was ruthless. Aside from being taken out by a cone, she was unable to chew her bones and toys. THis was a big hassle because 80% she is chewing a bone. So either my partner or I would have to hold the bone while she gnawed on it. If she had the pajamas she would have been able to do this.

a picture of Brie in a cone laying on a blanket. She is staring at a tablet Deven placed in front of her with a video of ducks wandering around in hopes that Brie will be entertained.
Brie watch a video of ducks for entertainment

She also loved scooping up the snow with her cone and flinging it in the air. It was quite entertaining to watch. At one point while she had her cone on, she decided that it was a good idea to eat her OG toy sharkie (a very ratty de-stuffed shark, roughly the size of a sock). So that was a fun time being on poop watch to make sure that it came out. It did thankfully.

Brie with sharkie hanging out of her mouth looking at the camera.  RIP sharkie.
Brie with said sharkie in her mouth, RIP sharkie

Now that spring has officially shown up, at least I hope so, brie has discovered bugs. Every so often when she is in the yard she will see one and watch it very intensely walk through the grass. Sometimes the bug is unlucky because Brie woke up and chose violence and eats the bug.

Brie gets to go to the dog park everyday and she has a few friends that she like to play with. As of recently though she has gotten into the habit of grabbing a stick and showing it off to the dogs and getting them to chase her. She is very friendly with all the humans at the park and tries to give them kisses and get treats.

So that is the Pup-date on Brie! I am sure that she will be going on more adventures and getting into more trouble as time progresses so keep an eye out for that!!

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