We have always been here by Samra Habib

I have very clearly kicked my reading into high gear after not reading for four months! I finished three books in one weekend – go Devan! As I was finishing one of my books, I start looking for a new one to move onto. I found We’ve always been here and it had a very pretty cover (Yes, I judge books by the cover). Along the side it said a Queer Muslim Memoir. Funny enough 2 days before I started this book, I told my friend Jess that I hate reading memoirs. Well Jess I have to correct that statement. It is the memoirs by straight white people I dislike.

This book, a complete 180° from the memoirs I hate, was AMAZING!! I loved it so much that I finished it in one day. Given it was only a 5 hours listen, but for me to focus on something for 5 hours in 1 day is very rare.

This books gave me the opportunity to listen to a different experience then my own ( most books do). I got to see how it was to grow up as an Ahmadi Muslim in Pakistan. We get to learn about her coming to Canada as a refugee and how that affected her family.

What I really liked learning about was her figuring out her sexuality and coming back to Islam. The overall whole story was just amazing. I don’t want to say too much because I liked following along the story.

I really like just knowing that even though LGBTQI2A+ have been persecuted by some religious groups, that some can find solace in a group that is in the same situation and come back to their faith.

Overall, We have always been here is a great read it and check out Samra because she seems like a really cool person!

Keep your eyes open for future book reviews being peppered throughout the upcoming months 🙂

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