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Hello Everyone! I know that there are a good chunk of people who read my blog who don’t live in Saskatchewan. THis blog post it more for you, just in case you wanted to know what it is like living in Saskatchewan.

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Lets dive into what it is like living in Saskatchewan. First thing first, winter is 7 of the 12 months of the year give or take a month. So living in Saskatchewan you generally want to invest in good stuff for the cold. Out of those 7 month January and February are probably the worst. These are the 2 months were -40 degrees (Celcius and Farenheit, -40 is the same in both) is a very real temperature. It doesn’t usually happen for long but it still happens so you need to be prepared.

By the time January and February roll around, people tend to be sick of the cold and will book a hot holiday to get away. It is an amazing escape and I highly recommend it if you have the ability to.

Another weather reality is wind chill. This becomes a very big part of the winter because it can make a normal temperature of -30 degree celsius, to -50 degrees celsius. I will say that wind chill doesn’t affect inanimate objects. Wind chill really will only affect humans and animals, things that can lose moisture. The best way to depict the way wind chill works is like using a fan to cool down in the summer, the moving air removes moisture off the skin and gives a cooling effect.

For the rest of the winter you can have a great time, it is really maybe 2 weeks of the year where the extremes like to shine. For the rest of the winter you can have a great time if you are dressed appropriately.

A lot of places like to create skating rinks or try to make the best of winter. Sometimes the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Crisp snow sparkles in the sunlight and every so often you can see hoar frost on trees. Hoar frost (pic below) happens when it is a bit warmer out and the air has more moisture in it ( it is slightly different from regular frost but is way prettier)

The last thing that I will say about winter is that there is a lot less sunlight. Like on the shorter days the sun is around from 9-5 (just a casual working day for the sun). So a lot of people don’t see the sun while at work (I am one of them). This can lead to a Vitamin D deficiency and Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD for sort). There are some things that people use to help with the lack of sun but sometimes you just have to power through.

Ok so that is enough about the winter, lets more on to the warmer months! We get very warm summer’s here and lots of sunshine (complete opposite of the winter). There can be temperatures of +40 Degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). It can be a bit breezy during the summer but we just call it wind at that point ( no windchill here in the summer).

Because we have such little amounts of summer, saskatchewanians like to pack as much a possible into it. A lot of people have cabins or like to go camping on the weekends (I am not one of those people). Going to the lake is a very big thing here, and a lot of people like to go fishing (again not me).

I live in Saskatoon and we have quite a few events that go on around the city that people love to attend. Hopefully this year we will be able to have these events again because Saskatchewan is on its way to re-opening! Yay vaccines! Here is a small list of the bigger events that people tend to hit up not in chronological order.


-The Fringe


-Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

-Pride Week

-Dragon Boat races

-Taste of Saskatchewan

-Back to Batoche

-The Exhibition

While attending these events are fun, Saskatchewan has other things that are gorgeous and more isolating.

All of Northern Saskatchewan is Boreal Forest, just massive amounts of trees and lakes. It is absolutely breathtaking. I have only been as far north as La Ronge, but just being up there is amazing. Very isolating but amazing. On the complete opposite end of Saskatchewan, down south, You will also find amazing trees but also sand dunes and some rolling hills. The tallest point in Saskatchewan is in Cypress Hills which I had the pleasure of visiting last year. To check out some of the stuff that lower Southern Saskatchewan has to offer check out my blog post on 5 places you must see in Southern Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan definitely has its negatives about living here, however I think that the positives greatly outweighs them. If I didn’t think so I would have moved away. This is more just an appreciation post and letting my readers who don’t live in Saskatchewan what it is like living here. If you do live here and have another point about living here let me know in the comments! I love hearing about all the hidden secrets of Saskatchewan.

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