Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Well, Well, Well… Look whos back, back again 🙂 After a very busy summer off of blogging, I am back and ready to go with ideas for the upcoming Halloween!!! First on the docket, Pumpkin Carving! This is probably my favorite Halloween activity. I force my partner to do it every year no matter what. however I never have any Ideas for what to do for my Pumpkin Carving Pattern. If you also have that same problem then read on as I have found some wicked sites that have awesome patterns and I also have picked out a few of my own favorite carving patterns.

I found some amazing websites that had so many good ideas. The links will be below to each website. I will also have some amazing pumpkin carving ideas that are my favorite!

Pumpkin Pile – has an amazing amount of Carving Patterns including:

  • The Classics
  • Video Game Characters
  • Movie Characters
  • Celebrities
  • Vehicle Emblems

Free Stencil Gallery – Also has an amazing amount of Carving Patterns including:

  • Animals
  • Games
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Disney Characters
  • Jack-o-Lantern Faces

If you are still struggling to figure out exactly what pattern you want to use on your pumpkin. Check out a few of my personal favorites from the sites.

Some of my favorite Carving Patterns are:

Bumblebee Carving Pattern

Bee carving pattern
Bumblebee Carving Pattern

Balloon girl – Banksy Carving Pattern

Banksy-Balloon Girl Carving Pattern
Banksy Balloon girl Carving Pattern

PandaBanksy Carving Pattern

Banksy-Panda with Guns Carving Pattern
Banksy Panda Carving Pattern

SpongeBob Carving Pattern

Sponge Bob Carving pattern
Spongebob Carving Pattern

Jack Skellington Carving Pattern

 Jack Skellington Carving Pattern
Jack Skellington Carving Pattern

There is literally a stencil for everything out there. you just might have to pay for it. All of the ones that I liked are free and each photo is linked to the page where you can print it out.

I hope this helped a little bit if you are in a pinch to find something to carve on your Jack-o-Lantern!

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