It is that time again! You can smell the pumpkin spice in the air…. along with a bit of a brisk wind. It is fall! which is this bitches favorite season! ( I wear my basic bitch-ness proudly). Naturally I had to make a list of things that are a must for the season!

  1. Get a Pumpkin Spice latte (but not from Starbucks)

Yes this is number one one my list! When I was in college I had countdowns till Starbucks would release this coffee again. Now in recent years I have found that if I order it, it is just too sweet ( if I get it, it is half sweet). With the popularity of this drink I have found it in more and more local coffee shops which is awesome! They tend to be not as sweet and I get to support a local coffee shop!

a tree that has started to shed its leaves. At the top of the tree the leaves are baren, middle of the tree the leaves are orange and at the bottom the leaves are yellow.

2. Going for a walk on the University grounds/ by the river

So this one may not be accessible for everyone, but if possible get out and do it. If you don’t live near a body of water or a university, go wherever there are trees with leaves changing colour. The smell of the leaves with that cold air filling your lungs is magical.

a picture of 2 jack-o-lanterns with grinning smiles across the front

3. Carve a pumpkin

This one I tend to leave to the week-ish before halloween so the pumpkins make it. I have now made it a tradition for my partner and I to carve pumpkins and this year people will actually get to see them. It is our first halloween in our house so I am very excited for this.

4. Play in the leaves

Ugg this one is just to appease the child in me. I love kicking around a pile of leaves. That crunch of the leaves under your boots is just awesome. Do expect a picture of me playing in leaves on Instagram….

a red two-wick candle is burning it smells like apple balsam.

5. Get a fall themed candle

not going to lie, I had one of these mid August. I live for all the smells of fall. I have a Apple candle going as I write this. Going along with my theme of shopping local I also got a candle from Coal and Canary, a candle company from Winnipeg.

6. Eat Pumpkin Pie

There is only one appropriate time to eat pumpkin pie and it is fall. If you don’t like pumpkin pie… GTFO. Just kidding. I have always loved pumpkin pie and probably forever will. Also Canadian thanksgiving is in October, so it is synonymous with that. This year I may also try and make my own? I am not usually a baking type but maybe I will have to give it a try.

a few pumpkins in a field ready to be picked

7. Visit a pumpkin patch

This one is a tradition for my friends and I, and I cannot wait till we can possibly go to one this year? (thanks COVID). I like to make a photo shoot of it so we dress very fall-ish.

8. Having one last fire

This one is usually the one to usher in fall officially. I love sitting by a warm ass fire with a blanket wrapped around me with just my nose poking out and the tip being cold.

9. Make a soup

ok this one may sound weird but hear me out. I normally hate soup ( except for a very specific one) But when fall rolls around and the weather being more moody than normal I seem to want soup. I have for the past few years been trying to make the perfect butternut squash soup. I have yet to get it but I will attempt yet again this year. Who knows, maybe a recipe will come out of it. I also have another type of soup pinned that I am wanting to try. I will report back with my findings.

a picture of two glasses of mulled wine sitting on a star tray. Behind them is two christmas gifts and some pinecones
Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

10. Make mulled wine or apple cider

This one I am just starting as a tradition. I made some mulled wine for my friends-mas last year and it was delicious and mad the house smell amazing. So naturally I will have to make it again or maybe I will try my hand at apple cider.

a picture of Devan holding a tiny pumpkin. She has a brown leather jacket on and her big reversible scarf

And that is my 10 things that I have to do for fall. I truly enjoy doing all of these because there is just something different about fall. The way it smells, the way it washes over me and bring about a calmness. It is also not 35 degrees celcius so I am not sweat out liters of water, so that is a bonus.

Like I had said on previous posts expect an influx in the fall posts. I have a few ideas in mind just have to execute them.

Until next time

Atomic Habits by: James Clear

Another Wednesday…another book review!

I am always looking for book recommendations so when a youtuber that I follow was reading it and suggested Atomic Habits I immediately when to put a hold on it at my digital library.

As I was reading this book I would have to periodically jot down some notes to keep things straight in my head. I am glad I did so I could also write this review and explain some of the methods that Clear suggests to form habits.

Atomic habits is a book about creating habits and keeping them. There is a lot in this book so I will try to keep this to a minimum because there is no way that I could really explain everything so I will try to just highlight the bits that really stood out to me.

Some of the things Clear talks about is increasing your improvement by 1% a day. So not going and running a full 5k when you haven’t gone for a run in years. Start slow with maybe a 1k walk and work your way up to that goal of 5k as an example.

Another topic that stood out to me was not having a goal first mentality to form a habit. An example of this would be thinking that you will be happy once you lose 20lb. Once that milestone is reached, most people revert back to old habits and end up back in the same place that they were before. This is because there is nothing motivating you to keep up with that habit.

The last thing that I will mention of the methods to build habits is the word association that goes along when creating habits. The example that Clear gave in the book was when someone is quitting smoking but is offered a smoke. In this situation a lot of people would just state that they are trying to quit. Instead say “I don’t smoke”. I can’t exactly remember how Clear explained it but I will explain how it makes sense in my head. With the second statement you are affirming that you no longer smoke and everytime that you affirm that you believe it more. Eventually you get to the point that smoking is not even in question. In the first statement it isn’t affirmed that you no longer smoke and therefore leaves a window to fall back into the habit.

I am a firm believer that wording is very powerful so this last method really stood out to me.

Like I said there was a few methods throughout this book and they are all categorized into 4 laws. Clear goes into much more details and ties them all together very nicely.

I found this book really helpful and I do plan on implementing some of these methods to create habits. I might even buy this book to go back to for reminders.

Overall I enjoyed this book because it will help me better myself. I highly recommend it if you are wanting to change some habits or are looking to make new ones.

5 pink stars

I am giving this book a 5 star review. I think this book can be beneficial to many. I know it has helped me.

Look toward the future expect to see fall posts! I am going full basic bitch for the fall.

Until next time


Here we are again! Another book review. I would like to pat myself on the back because I have been doing so good at reading all the books. Although I have also gotten super overwhelmed because I put a butt tonne of holds on books and they are all coming up to be read! Eeeek! Thankfully, I am able to delay them a bit. whew!

A bit about the author first! Celeste was actually raised in the city that is featured in the novel, Shaker Heights. This book is her second novel. Little Fires Everywhere was made into a TV show on Hulu in 2020.

I have not seen the TV show so I really didn’t know what this book was about. From stuff I had heard I thought this book was about something totally different so maybe I was thinking of another book? Anywho on to the review.

a photo of the cover of Little Fires Everywhere on a cell phone

Little fires everywhere is a book about two very different families whose lives get entangled because of their children. As soon as a museum picture is found of one of the mothers, the other is off on a journey to dig up her past and find out who she really is.

I really did enjoy this book, it has been a while since I have read anything that is more fiction and lighthearted. Don’t get me wrong there is some talk of abortion and some other stuff that might be a bit hard for some but such topics are not hard for me.

The only thing that I didn’t enjoy in the book was when it the the sort of mystery was figured out, I did not get that oh damnnnnnn feeling. It was not powerful enough for me, I wanted a bigger mystery. The ending was also a bit underwhelming also. I won’t spoil it for anyone! Don’t worry.

I found that the book was very well written though and was smooth enough to keep me captivated the entire book. I just wanted more. It was still a great book and recommend it for anyone so it gets four stars!

Welp that is it for now look out for more book reviews cause I got those stacking up again. I am trying to incorporate other blog posts in between them though so look out for those also!

Until next time!


Hello all! and welcome to another bomb list of a blog post!

Ever since COVID-19 happened and shut down/forced people to work from home I found that my productivity and motivation plummeted. Like really dropped off.

I would wake-up have my coffee, mosey my way to my home office and half ass do my work. When the day ended and supper was done, I would go lay on the couch or in bed. That was on repeat for months! It got to the point where I just felt shitty. I knew I had to make better decisions.

So I sat down and thought about all the things that made me feel good or when I was more productive what I had done to get into that mindset.

So here is my list of things you can do when you want to be productive that have helped me.

picture of Devan walking down a gravel road in Saskatchewan looking like an album cover


This is one that is like hands down the best. I remember when I was in school on the mornings that I worked out, I always got more done. I also carried myself differently. I didn’t shy away from asking questions about school work I thought might be dumb.

It was the same thing when I would go for a walk in the morning before work. I got the blood pumping and the endorphins doing their thing. At work I never second guessed asking my boss questions that might be stupid. SO the pattern became clear, moving my body in the morning helped me get into the headspace to get stuff done.


photo from the top of a coffee cup with coffee in it. The cup sits upon a white table with a plant to the left of it. Some leaves are reaching over the cup of coffee.

This one seems silly but I feel like it helps. There was a few weeks where my partner bought the wrong coffee. For those few weeks I was not as productive. Maybe it was because I wasn’t drinking as much coffee because I hated the taste of it maybe it was because my morning was starting off on a sour note. Either way I knew I had to fix this. Coffee time is my wake-up time, so if I can make it a good experience I will have a better day and will be much more positive and productive


There are days where I am a lazy ass and don’t shower in the morning or maybe I decided to shower at night. I can say that showering in the morning is like an extra bonus to a new day. Fresh start to a day and a clean body, look out world I am coming for you! I have found that this has helped me overall have a great day. I feel fresh and my mind is fresh to get stuff done.


photo of Devan in her PJs on the couch with an unimpressed look on her face while holding a cup of coffee in a mug that says looking sharp with a cactus

Yes that means you will have to wake up earlier then maybe you want to, but if you can give yourself that peaceful time before going to work / doing whatever you will thank-yourself. On the days where I didn’t give myself the time to wake-up and process it was morning, I was usually very distracted at work. On a good chunk of the rushed days I would forget something at home, usually my lunch, which would cost me more money cause I am not making it through the day with no food. Now I know that this isn’t always a possibility if you have kids or are a night owl, but it is something that I have found to make my mental space better to have a productive day.


I don’t know about you but I am very list oriented. I make a lot of lists. My desk is often full of many different lists. This is how I organize my life. Having one of them be what I want to accomplish in a day is awesome. It doesn’t have to be some huge ass list of things that need to be done but just a few items. Have just a few items can help you slowly make that overwhelming list more doable. Even if it is just three thing, it is three things that I have to get done in the day. If I want to accomplish more so be it, but if I want to end at that list I can. Having a list like this makes it so much easier for me to get things done because I look at the list and figure “hey I can do these three things no problem.” When it is a large ass list, I want to go curl up in my bed and then do nothing.


photo of a person sitting on a bed with a glass of water
Photo by Daria Shevtsova

Before my coffee in the morning I drink a glass of water, first off to help get my vitamins down second get give my body some hydration and get the gears going. Doing this in the morning has just helped me and my body. After 8 hours of no water, the body appreciated it. It also helps me get to my daily hydration goals…. oh btw have you drank your water today?


This seems weird but I find it very beneficial. I have been actively making this apart of my daily routine and it has made my life SOOOO much better. Normally I would save cleaning up the house to Saturdays. It would take me half the day to just tidy the house. In my most recent book I read (Atomic Habits review coming soon) this is called resetting the room. This means when you leave a room you put it back exactly how it was. Now all I have to do is really wash the floors, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms on Saturday. This is saving me SO MUCH TIME!!!! So much more time for activities and getting bigger projects done. I know that this one doesn’t really work if you have kids but even if you do it some of the time I am sure it will make your life easier.


photo of a white sweater, rust coloured shirt and lacey bra set out on a bed with a few accessories
Photo by Taryn Elliott

This helps me out so fucking much. I get my coffee set up so it is brewed for when I wake-up. I have my lunch made and ready to go. I have my clothing set out and ready to go. Doing all of this helps my morning go so much smoother and I am less likely to forget my stuff. It really does make for a smoother day. This one kind of goes with enjoy your morning routine. when the decisions and hard work is done before your mind is free to think about other things like the stuff on that to-do list!

photo of two mac monitors with work on them. They sit upon a wood desk
Photo by Tranmautritam

So there it is, everything that I do to make sure that I have a productive day. I have found that even doing a few of these things just helps me get into the right headspace to tackle my day.

I hope that some things on this list are helpful to you. If you have something that helps you be productive in a day let me know in the comments! I am always looking for things to help me.

Until next time!


Another book down! And now I am starting to get the books that everyone was reading when the Black Lives Matter movement was at its peak (btws there are still things going on and there is still the fight against racism check out my blog post about it)

On my list of many books by black author I am glad I got to read this one first. It was a short book, but was so concise.

So a little bit about Austin Channing Brown, She is a writer, media producer, and speaker. Her career is amazing and really just leaves me inspired. If you have the time look her up, I think she is an amazing person and I am so glad that she does the work that she does.

OK so onto the book. This book is Austin’s encounters with racism at different stages of her life. You start out in her childhood and how she grapples with living in a predominantly white neighborhood. Eventually you make it up to adulthood and how Austin embraces her blackness and is out in the world fighting racism.

Even though this book was short, it was good. Austin brought many things that I did not consider to light. One of the things I just need to quote.

I am not impressed that slavery was abolished or that Jim Crow ended. I feel no need to pat America on the back for these “achievements”. This is how it always should have been. Many call it progress, but I do not think it is praiseworthy that only within the last generation did America reach the baseline for human decency.

I can’t tell you what page that was on because it was not on the screen capture, but really that quote just really drove home this issue. Racism should not even be a thing, but it is and we should not be congratulating people on treating others with kindness. That should be the standard.

Another thing that I never really thought of was basically airing your past racist tendencies to Black people. Basically looking for forgiveness or that it is “ok”. They don’t want to hear you confessions, show them you are better by doing better now. What is in the past is in the past.

Overall this was a great book. It is short and shows a whole lifetime of dealing with racism. Austin brough many great points and I think this would be a great book to read for anyone. Definitely a 5 star book.

So yea def a good read and cannot wait to read more and learn more! Let me know in the comments what books you have been reading and what you have learnt from them!

Next week I will be writing about my closet and how it has changed so keep your eyes peeled for that!

until next time!


Hello all! It has been a while since I actually wrote something that was not a book review, but I come with some awesome stuff to check out while or if you are traveling in south Saskatchewan.

I really have not gone to southern Saskatchewan other than to visit friends in Regina. So when I was casually just looking at things to do in Saskatchewan (thanks COVID-19) I found some awesome places that I knew I had to visit.

Now that I have some spare time on my hands, I decided to go on a solo road trip and visit all of these places that I wanted to go to.

I will say there is probably way more stuff to do in southern Sask, but I was a girl on a mission to get to all these places in just a few days so here is my list.

1. The Great Sand Hills

In Saskatchewan, there are two super sandy areas. One being accessible by plane that are the Athabasca Sand Dunes. Then there is the Great Sand Hills which are accessible by car.

There are a few hills here I believe, I only adventured the one because it was 33 degrees Celsius out, I am a little fatty whose cardio is horrendous and I was fucking warm.

I will say that the one hill I climbed was amazing! The sand was so soft! It was exactly like some beaches in Cuba.

There was a family there who just came out to play in the sand for the day and I thought that was the cutest thing. It is just one big sand box.

2. Grotto Gardens

This stop is just outside Maple Creek and it is definitely an awesome place to stop. There is a restaurant to order food and a little gift shop to get some local goods. But the best thing about this place is the goats!

There were some other animals there too but I felt like the goats were the main animals. there is a little area where you can go and pet the goats and feed them. There is feed available for 25 cents I believe.

There is a whole goat apparatus here so you get to watch the goats climb up top where you can also feed them by a pulley system. On Sundays they do have goat yoga, which would be awesome to go to, if I didn’t live 4 hours away.

The whole area here is really awesome and beautiful and is definitely worth a stop if you are near by.

3. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

this is at Bald Butte

The number one reason that I was stopping here was because it is a dark sky preserve. I love looking at the stars and if you are away from any light pollution, the night sky looks so fucking amazing! It really just makes you feel small and knowing that the universe is so big is quite emotional ( for me at least)

So the original reason I was coming to Cypress Hills was for the night sky, but once I arrived my literal first reaction was holy shit this place is gorgeous! The park is just massive amount of trees. I was like this feels like BC because of all the trees and slight hills.

this was the view just outside my room

Actually there are two parts of the interprovincial park. There is the centre block and the west block on the Saskatchewan side. The centre block is more like a tourist area. There are Cabins you can rent, lots of camping areas, and a few other things.

The west block has a few notable areas to also check out. When I entered the west block, you are driving up quite the hill surrounded by trees again and many curves and swerves (aka BC like). Overall I will be going back and hopefully spend more than a night there.

4. Conglomerate Cliffs

overlooking the valley standing on the edge of the cliffs

I never thought I would see such a breathtaking landscape in Saskatchewan! But I did. These cliffs are super accessible by car and are just amazing. You overlook Adams Lake and the rolling hills. The cliffs can be found in the west block of Cypress Hills. All I can say is if you have a chance visit this spot, the photos are not doing it justice.

There is also the Hidden Conglomerate Cliffs, which require a hike. I fully intended to go to them, but once I started I soon found out that it was much more of a vertical hike than I was capable of. That with the fear of hiking alone and the warning of cougars (low but still a possibility) I decided that I would come back another time, with others for encouragement and safety.

5. Castle Butte (Big Muddy)

The best way to describe Big Muddy is like this, You know the big red rock that stands alone in Australia? Also known as Ayers Rock or Uluru. It is like that but not nearly as big or square and not in Australia. It is kind of like that. This is really an awesome stop. You are surrounded by rolling hills where you can see the layers of rocks that formed it. You can also climb Big Muddy if you feel obligated to do so. I was watching people coming down from the top and they were basically sliding down on their asses because it was such a steep path. So with that I was like NOPE and just walked around the rock.

So these are all the places that I hit on my small solo road trip. I will say take your time and stop in at other places becuase between all of these places and then back to Saskatoon it was 1500km.

There are a few small towns in Saskatchewan that have interesting pieces of art that the town boasts as their thing. I stopped in Leader, Saskatchewan because they had a huge adirondack chair ( I tried sitting in it but it was very sloped and my sandals were not having it.)

me in front of the big adirondack chair

So here are some places to visit if you are in south Saskatchewan or are just looking for something to go and see. It was an awesome trip overall and I highly recommend all of these spots.

Is there somewhere in south Saskatchewan that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

until next time!

In My Own Moccasins: A Memoir of Resilience by Helen Knott

It has been a hot minute since I have read a book, but I have finally finished one again and here is the book review!

The latest book I read was In My Own Moccasins: A Memoir of Resilience by Helen Knott. In my personal goal of reading more books that are by diverse authors, I was pointed to this book by a friend and I am so glad that I got to read it.

A little bit about the author, Helen is Nehiyaw and Dene-Zaa woman. This book follows her journey of dealing with addictions and trauma to finding her roots in the Indigenous communities that she came from.

This book is divided into three parts, each dealing with a different part of her life. The first part is her addiction and all the trauma she had gone through. Honestly, when I was reading this part it was hard to read and was heartbreaking. She explains how she is feeling while she was high and drunk and her thought process. She eludes to her past rapes but does not get into them so much in this section ( later on she tells a bit more about them).

I think this book was such a good demonstration of the intergenerational trauma and hardships that indigenous people face all the time. Helen at one point even mentioned how going to a peyote ceremony goes against everything that she grew up believing. I think this is because her mother was Catholic and was told that Indigenous traditions were bad (way to go colonialism). I am guessing this is from one of the many horrendous things Canada did to the indigenous peoples.

This book really deep dives into a first hand account of a person dealing with trauma and addiction. This is a good chunk of the book so be prepared.

Spoiler alert
Helen eventually gets help by connecting with her roots and working through the traumatic events of her life. It really brings me joy when I read a book and an Indigenous person reconnects with their culture that was ripped away from them.

In the few books that I have read, all which have dealt with an Indigenous woman reconnecting with their culture, They have all had such a spiritual connection and it is amazing.

Overall I really liked this book. It helped me see the world through someone else’s eyes. I give this book a 5 star review. It was really well written and the story really flowed well together.

I have a bit of time off for the past while and is why I haven’t been as active on here. I hope to get to a more regular schedule and put out more stuff. If you are missing seeing what I post here, definitely check out my instagram!

Until next time!


It has been a few weeks since the world found out about the tragic murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (and others) at the hands of the police. This erupted the world in protests and a call to make a change is so many ways.

Over the past weeks I have really been diving into listening to black voices and really listening to their experiences ( I feel like a lot of people have been doing this). I have always tried to be anti-racist but at the same time I was part of a system that upheld many societal norms and said nothing. These past few weeks have been very eye opening.

Now that things have died down and I have seen many of the people that I follow just go back to normal life while there are still horrific acts of racism happening.

The movement Black Lives Matter has be around for a while and was started by 3 amazing Black Womxn. Their names are Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. They started this movement in 2013. I implore you to read into the movement and what it stands for because it is very important.

What really got me was I saw someone post something along the lines of “if you are silent you are complicit.” When I saw that I was like OMG I have been complicit my entire fucking life! I have never used my voice to make moves. There is a certain power I have as a white woman (ahem white privilege) that I need to be using to help others.

So I have been learning, following, and believing all of these black people. I have been working on correcting things that can be harmful to others.

I have learnt a lot just from changing who I follow on Instagram (my main social media place). My feed was filled with 90% white people. The other 10% was black people and a few other people of colour. I figured I need to diversify my feed. I need to follow more black people, more disabled people, more indigenous people, more of people who don’t look like me.

I believe that we all need to create the change that we want to see in the world. For me that change is starting to change me. I need to actively be doing work to make changes. This includes having discussions that will be uncomfortable.

Somethings that you can do to make changes are:

  • donate to causes that you feel need help (if you can)
  • read books by authors that are not like you
  • speak with your money (if you can)
  • sign petitions
  • share information that you feel will be helpful
  • use your voice and speak to others about racist tendencies
  • change words that you use (There are a lot of words/wording that is harmful)
  • actually listen to people when they bring up things that you may have done that can be harmful.

I would also like to put out there to NOT be messaging black people about a lot of things. With this movement, a lot of people have turned to the Black community and basically expected them to spoon feed us the information. There are many other resources out there for us to use from Black people who have been at for this for years. Literally google it, look at hashtags to try and get a better understanding, read a fucking book by a black person. There are black people out there who are racism educators and they might have links to things that are beneficial, but if they are offering a class or information, make sure to pay them! Black woman should not have to put in all this extra labour for free in a society that treats them like shit. This is a white person problem. We need to make the changes. They did not ask for this, but for some reason white people took it upon themselves to make white people “superior”.

The fight still continues for all minorities in this world. We need to change our ways and fix this fucked up system. I hope that you can take it upon you to make some changes. You won’t be perfect at first but it is a start.


Finally, my last book from the back log of books that I read over the past month!

I read this book firstly based on its title. It just intrigued me. Once I figured it out that it was about a silicon valley start-up, I immediately knew which company it was about only because my friend had made a reference to Elizabeth Holmes last year and I had to google her.

So if you haven’t figured it out this book is all about Theranos. How it started all the way up to how it ended. It did not end well and there is still legal stuff going on with this company just a FYI.

This book is written by the NYT journalist who started the story about how terrible Theranos was. This book is very interesting because it goes through different accounts of ex-employees and their stories of what happened behind closed doors.

While I was reading this book I truly was like how in the fuck as they able to do this?? I literally could not wait till I got to the end of the book and found out what ended it for the company.

When I say this book is good, I mean it. It gives you that feeling like “Ha! you deserve everything that is coming to you…assholes.” So you know a very satisfying read.

As a testament of this book, I saw that it was going to be returned to the library soon ( ebook probs) so I was like “I have to finish this book!” And I did, in one day. I took a whole Sunday and just read the book until it was finished. I would say that is a hard task if the book doesn’t peak your interest, at least for me it is. So the book peaked my interest, which can be hard.

I would not call it a “thrilling” book but you do want to make it to the end to see what happened. Like did the authorities catch them or did someone rat them out?

Overall it is a great book, I quite enjoyed it.

Five star rating!

For now I have fallen off reading. I am trying to read more about racism and everything to do with it, but apparently so is everyone else ( There is quite the waitlist at the library for a lot of books by black authors on racism). So I don’t know when I will have another review to write, but I will 100% have blog posts for my more regular content!


Slowly, very slowly, I am working my way through the backlog of books to review. So let get to it and tell you about my second book The Year of Less by Cait Flanders. This book is exactly as its name implies, Cait challenges themself to getting rid of a good chunk of their possessions and have a shopping ban for 1 year.

For some people this might seem like an impossible challenge, but the way that Cait laid it out was very smart. I won’t spoil how they go about it but I think it was a good way.

I will say this book is very much about getting rid of stuff you no longer use but also Cait talks about life and how it was a similar challenge to quitting drinking and eating meat. Throughout the book they keep challenging themselves to new things and honestly it is amazing.

It was truly a walk through the year challenge that they where doing and how it helped them find what they truly wanted. Cait discovered things that truly brought joy into their life and saw things for what they were.

This book is kinda like a story/year memoir if that makes any sense. I have read a similar book, like almost the exact kind of story. Had to reduce their stuff for a year and also enjoyed it so I kinda knew what I was up for.

I enjoy reading things that are similar in my life. So this book appealed to me because of my more minimalist lifestyle. So naturally I felt inclined to read this and see how their year went and what they did. It was just a nice easy read (compared to the last book). I really didn’t have to think to hard and the concept didn’t seem impossible to me. I live a similar lifestyle so all in all it was good.

So I will say this book is a 4 star rating for me. It was good, easy read but it wasn’t a super exciting book. It is a different type of lifestyle that might intrigue others so I would definitely recommend this book.

I have 1 more book review to write up and then hopefully i will be back to a normal schedule? I have been focusing more of the current world climate so expect book review about being a better ally and anti-racism. There will also be blog posts about such things thrown in with some other stuff.

Untill next time!

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