Hi everyone! It has been a hot minute since I last read a book. Mostly because I like having a physical book and due to COVID-19, the libraries are closed. I also don’t particularly like buying books unless I absolutely love them or will go back and read them again.

So I needed to find another way to read a book. The Public library in Saskatoon does have an e-books but they don’t always have books I want or I have to wait a few weeks to rent it. However my partner pays for Amazon Prime and I have access to free e-books on there. That is where I found Pandemic.

I had no plans to read a book about a Pandemic seeing that we are living in one right now but the thing that drew me into this book was a review. The review said ” reads like a superior collaboration between Dan Brown and Micheal Crichton.”

Now if you have read my other book review, you would know that I LOVED Micheal Crichton’s books. I also LOVED Dan Browns Robert Langdon Series ( have not reviewed just loved). So therefore this should be the perfect book for me!

And of course it was. For being a book about a Pandemic, there were a lot of twists and connections which I loved.

Pandemic is about an outbreak of a disease, something that the doctors had not seen before. It is similar to Ebola, but what worked for Ebola is not working for this. Now the doctors that are trying to figure it out but are in a race against a clock before more people die.

In a second story line, you have a man who wakes up in a hotel room with a dead body and no memory of who he is. You go along with this man to piece back together his memories which are slowly coming back. The further into the book you see how these two story lines are they entangled and are they ever in more than one way.

All in all this was an amazing book. I truly did not want to put it down. There is also a sequel called Genome. Now through Amazon, I would have to buy the book ( damn you amazon) so I am going to try and find it another way because I do want to know how the story ends.

So if you want a sciency action book, I highly recommend Pandemic. This is definitely a 5 star book.

Talk to you soon!

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I got this book from the library because it was marked as an indigenous author. I want to try and read more indigenous authors to learn their stories.

Honestly I havent had much luck when I go to the library and wonder around to find books. The past few times I have done that I walk out with a few books to try to read and I can’t even make it past the first few pages.

So this time when I went to the library I grabbed a few books, one of them being Tilly. It is a shorter book (~200 pages) so I figured I could push myself to finish it even if I could not get into it. Well I was able to get into the book! I am so proud of myself.

Tilly follows the life of Tilly, a young Cree, Lakota, and Scottish girl. The story moves through her life in Canada and ultimately takes you on a journey.

Like I said this is a short book, so you don’t get super in depth with Tilly but you get enough of a glimpse to grow attached to some of the people.

I learnt a lot in this book, not just about another person’s life but about different aboriginal cultures and aspects that I didn’t know about.

I didn’t think that I was going to love this book in the beginning but I ended up loving it and really becoming attached to Tilly.

I highly recommend this book if you just want a quick read that doesn’t make you think to hard. It took me on an emotional journey and I loved it.


Well another book down! Good job Devan! my goal is to read 20 books in 2020 so that puts me at 1.5 books a month. I am 1/2 a book ahead of what I need to be! Ok Devan get to the review!

OK, This book is entertaining, just like the second book that I read first (logical?).

It is a bit slow to start but eventually you get to the dinosaur parts which is really the reason we are reading this book. At one point I was like well what the fuck? If stuff is so perfect how is there still 200 pages left and when do the velociraptors get out? But trust me we get there.

Like I said in my review of lost world, I have not seen the movies for like 20 years so I have no memory of what happens in the movie. I just keep picturing Chris Pratt and Blue and clear balls rollin through dinos.

The book has many twist and turns which I love! I kinda found it a bit hard to keep all the characters straight because there are a few that have names that start with the letter H. But not too bad if you are paying attention. Like I said it was a bit slow to begin with. I was half way through the book and nothing had happened yet so I feel like it was not as action filled as the second one. Also, I won’t spoil it but there is a slight twist if you read the second book that will leave you like wtf.

pic of me in my jurassic park shirt reading jurassic park!

Overall it was a great book. I would recommend to anyone who likes more adventure books or dinosaurs. Now off to watch the movies and be disappointed that it wasn’t exactly like the books.


One of my goals for 2020 was to read more. This is the first book I have read in 2020 and damn was it thrilling.

Now I have not watched the Jurassic Park movies since I was a kid so I don’t really remember what happens in them nor do I remember any of the characters so this is was like a brand new story for me. Also in true Devan Fashion I read the second book before the first one. I don’t think it impeded anything about the story cause it all made sense.

overall this book was amazing. It kept me entertained and let me get lost in its world. When I get lost in a book it is even better than a movie for me, which I quite enjoy. you start off on a campus in the states somewhere (I don’t exactly remember) and are soon following different characters who all come together to find “site B” and save Levine.

Some stuff happens and I don’t want to spoil any of the book because it is truly awesome, but I will warn everyone that there is quite a few deaths by dinosaur. I didn’t think they would be as much as there was, but there is.

this was a great book that kept me wanting to read and I cannot wait to read Jurassic Park (next up). I plan on watching the movies after I am done Jurassic Park, which I already know I will be disappointed in because I can guarantee the books were better.