2021 Goals

Well here we are, a new year. I know 2020 was a shit show, I think that we can all agree on that. I know that everything is not going to be better because it is 2021, but things are looking up😊.

So just like a lot of people, I set myself some goals for the new year. NOT RESOLUTIONS, goals. See last years post if you want to read my dislike of the word resolutions

Looking back at 2020s goals, I didn’t really complete most of them and that is OK. I have to be easy on myself. I also recognize that I didn’t have a lot of drive to do a few of the things on my goals list.

Anywho, 2020 is in the past. Let’s look forward to 2021’s goals.

1. Get 1000 followers in Instagram

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Last year I had the goal of 500 and I was 120 follows short at the end of the year. I know what I need to do to get the follows and I really just didn’t do that. I have to be more consistent and create some quality stuff. So let’s see if I can make my goal in 2021.

2. Learn to roller skate

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Last year, I bought roller skates. I use to roller skate and roller blade all the time as a kid and I thought I could just pick it up again. That was a hard ass smash on the ground NO. As an adult I know very well that my balance is great. I feel like balance is a big part of my roller skating goal so for the rest of winter I will be working on that and ankle strength. Hopefully in the summer I will be rolling up and down the block!

3. Read 21 books

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In 2020 I had the goal of 20 books and I got there (YAAAAAY🥳) Naturally for 2021 I have to up it. Even if it is by only 1 book.

4. Blog consistently

This will probably always be on my list because as a blogger you kinda have to do it and sometimes I am a lazy ass. I actually feel like I did pretty well with this one last year and because I have planned out a lot of the stuff for 2021 I should be good to go👍.

5. Be more mindful

This one is just something I always need to set as a goal. I feel like it is something I can always work on and especially with my new job. I always have a million things in my mind and I need to remember to take time and breathe.

6. Go to therapy

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I am hoping that putting this one on my goal list will make me more accountable. I have really been meaning to go to a counsellor for a while. I did try one out back earlier in February, but what I thought would be an amazing set up was actually not at all what I needed. And then COVID happened, so I fell off the boat with it. Hopefully this year I will put more effort into it and actually find a setting that will work for me.

I really want to write 10 goals, because in my mind that is what is required of lists, it has to be divisible by 5. However I think that this is a good place to stop; and not having my goals at a certain number helps me break that standard that I set for some odd reason.

So tell me about your goals! Are you setting some for yourself? Let me know in the comments, I would love to help and cheer you on!

Until next time,

…and with that 2020 is over.

Wow what a year 2020 was. I cannot believe that it is over already. I won’t lie this year felt like it took forever but somehow also felt like it passed really quick.

Looking back on this year, there was a lot of not great things that happened. Mostly just dealing with COVID-19. I don’t like to focus on negative things so I want to write about the positives of this year.

  • I got to sneak a trip into Cuba with some amazing people just before the things started to get bad with COVID.
  • I had 2 best friends get engaged.
  • I got to attend a wedding for a friend
  • I had my first summer off since I was 14
  • I got to go see some beautiful places in Saskatchewan
  • I discovered a lot about myself
  • I got a puppy
  • I got into blogging more
  • I read more
  • I found an amazing job that seems to fit me perfectly.
  • I got to see some friends that I haven’t seen in a few years

and I am sure that there were many other positives that I could try to remember but they are not immediately coming to mind.

so as we go and enter a new gregorian year, safely, I hope that you look back on the 2020 and highlight the positives. There may have been a lot more shitty thing happen but we are going to hopefully leave those in 2020.

Let’s move forward with some positivity!

Talk to you in the new year!


So I posted a lot of book reviews on the blog this year. Especially near the end of the year. Like that is all I posted at one point. That was because I had a goal of reading 20 books for 2020. Now in reality that is not a lot of books (I feel). This is just under 2 books a month. But with life and being a lazy butt, I knew that this was still going to be a challenge.

So naturally I have to rate my top read of 2020. After reading 20, I thought 5 was a good amount to do. I will also link my reviews of them.

Starting at number 5 we have:

5.Atomic Habits

This book makes my top five because I actually found it interesting about creating habits. Have I put any into motion to create better habits for myself…No but I plan on it once I get my shit together.

4. Untamed

This one makes my list because it had many good points that everyone needs to hear. As much as it is another white lady selling “self help”, it had views that were different then any other “Self help” books.

3. Braiding Sweetgrass

This book will hads down make my list at all times. The only reason it isn’t number 1 is because I really enjoyed the stories that are in #2 and #1 spots. This book made me want to appreciate the world that is around me more. Not the city but the natural world. This book also made me think of how humans just take and don’t think of the consequences.

2. Pandemic

So I read this book right as COVID-19 was just picking up in North America. I will say the pandemic in the book had a hell of a lot more casualties. As much as it was weird reading about a pandemic, I really enjoyed the story. I have yet to read the sequel but maybe in the new year I will.

1. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

This book just had such a great story, I wanted to keep reading to find out how it would end. I highly recommend this book if you like reading non-fiction.

So there it is, my top 5 books that I read over 2020. Do you have a top 5 list? Let me know in the comments if you do, I am always looking for recommendations and I will need to get it all figured out for the next year!

Until next time,