Every Basic B*tches Fall Photo List

We have reached the best time of year and ultimately the prettiest. If you live in Saskatchewan, you know that this is really at max a month window. Usually there will be snow soon after or the wind has blown all the leaves off the trees.

As I am writing this, I can see the pretty yellow tree across the street that still has some green and I am just living for it.

This year I was fortunate enough to be able to get in a few fall photo days while the weather was nice and the leaves were on the trees.

Naturally I have made a list of photos that every basic bitch should take, well at least this basic bitch. I have also included said photos because fall photos are the best (some are not mine because I didn’t get them in time.)

Your pumpkin spice latte.

a coffee sitting on a marble table with some pretty latte art leaf on top.

If you don’t take a pic of you PSL are you really a basic bitch? Yea that is what I thought #PSLlife.

A tree that has changed colour

a beautiful yellowy orange tree whose leaves are on the brink of falling. The tree is surrounded by leaves that have already fallen from the branches.

Not going to lie, if you are not snapping a photo of a tree that has changed you really are not appreciating the trees. This is such a standard photo is isn’t even funny.


a picture of a pumpkin chilling on the ground. it seems to be at the end of its life because the vine is dead. However the pumpkin is still a vibrate orange.

As a Basic Bitch you have to go to a pumpkin patch, it is mandatory. Also it is to get a pumpkin so you can carve it for a Jack-o-lantern picture which is coming up.

person laying in a pile of leaves

a person laying in the leaves looking towards the sky at the clouds. The person is in a comfy white sweater that is super fuzzy.
Photo by Dana Tentis on Pexels.com

There is something so relaxing about laying in the leaves in a warm sweater. I did have a picture of me doing this but my organization system has failed me so accept this photo as a replacement.


a picture of two jack-o-lanterns with the standard smiles. There is jagged teeth and both are smiling. they are very happy jack-o-lanterns.

naturally with the pumpkin from the pumpkin patch you have to carve them. Bonus points if you can get more creative than standard smiling jack-o-lantern. Show off those skills.

Picture with a leaf

Devan with a massive leaf in front of her face. Leaf is roughly the size of her head.

Well if you are not taking a photo with the foliage you are not living your basic bitch life!

A person bundled up

Devan with a plaid scarf wrapped around her. She has some skyscrapers behind her. She looks like she is nice and cozy warm.

This is really just you standard basic bitch outfit with a scarf. Looking cozy in the brisk air. Bonus points if you have a PSL while looking cozy.

Throwing leaves in the air

This photo can also be shot as a boomerang for instagram. I opted for a photo. I suggest a burst photo if you want to photograph this.

Fall boots in leaves

a pair of leather boots standing on a variety of colored leaves
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

This photo is probably the easiest to get because it is a quick pic over leaves!

Fall path covered in leaves

a dirt path with trees on both sides of it. The trees are reaching over the path the create a slight canopy. There are many leaves on the path that make the perfect crunch as you walk down the path.

Once again another standard photo if you are not taking this photo you are not a basic bitch. If you can get this photo with you in the path you have reached ultimate basic bitch!

I hope that you liked this list of photos! Definity let me know what other kind of basic bitch photos you like to take or ones that I missed!

Keep your eyes open for ideas for Halloween during COVID next!

Until next time


It is that time again! You can smell the pumpkin spice in the air…. along with a bit of a brisk wind. It is fall! which is this bitches favorite season! ( I wear my basic bitch-ness proudly). Naturally I had to make a list of things that are a must for the season!

  1. Get a Pumpkin Spice latte (but not from Starbucks)

Yes this is number one one my list! When I was in college I had countdowns till Starbucks would release this coffee again. Now in recent years I have found that if I order it, it is just too sweet ( if I get it, it is half sweet). With the popularity of this drink I have found it in more and more local coffee shops which is awesome! They tend to be not as sweet and I get to support a local coffee shop!

a tree that has started to shed its leaves. At the top of the tree the leaves are baren, middle of the tree the leaves are orange and at the bottom the leaves are yellow.

2. Going for a walk on the University grounds/ by the river

So this one may not be accessible for everyone, but if possible get out and do it. If you don’t live near a body of water or a university, go wherever there are trees with leaves changing colour. The smell of the leaves with that cold air filling your lungs is magical.

a picture of 2 jack-o-lanterns with grinning smiles across the front

3. Carve a pumpkin

This one I tend to leave to the week-ish before halloween so the pumpkins make it. I have now made it a tradition for my partner and I to carve pumpkins and this year people will actually get to see them. It is our first halloween in our house so I am very excited for this.

4. Play in the leaves

Ugg this one is just to appease the child in me. I love kicking around a pile of leaves. That crunch of the leaves under your boots is just awesome. Do expect a picture of me playing in leaves on Instagram….

a red two-wick candle is burning it smells like apple balsam.

5. Get a fall themed candle

not going to lie, I had one of these mid August. I live for all the smells of fall. I have a Apple candle going as I write this. Going along with my theme of shopping local I also got a candle from Coal and Canary, a candle company from Winnipeg.

6. Eat Pumpkin Pie

There is only one appropriate time to eat pumpkin pie and it is fall. If you don’t like pumpkin pie… GTFO. Just kidding. I have always loved pumpkin pie and probably forever will. Also Canadian thanksgiving is in October, so it is synonymous with that. This year I may also try and make my own? I am not usually a baking type but maybe I will have to give it a try.

a few pumpkins in a field ready to be picked

7. Visit a pumpkin patch

This one is a tradition for my friends and I, and I cannot wait till we can possibly go to one this year? (thanks COVID). I like to make a photo shoot of it so we dress very fall-ish.

8. Having one last fire

This one is usually the one to usher in fall officially. I love sitting by a warm ass fire with a blanket wrapped around me with just my nose poking out and the tip being cold.

9. Make a soup

ok this one may sound weird but hear me out. I normally hate soup ( except for a very specific one) But when fall rolls around and the weather being more moody than normal I seem to want soup. I have for the past few years been trying to make the perfect butternut squash soup. I have yet to get it but I will attempt yet again this year. Who knows, maybe a recipe will come out of it. I also have another type of soup pinned that I am wanting to try. I will report back with my findings.

a picture of two glasses of mulled wine sitting on a star tray. Behind them is two christmas gifts and some pinecones
Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

10. Make mulled wine or apple cider

This one I am just starting as a tradition. I made some mulled wine for my friends-mas last year and it was delicious and mad the house smell amazing. So naturally I will have to make it again or maybe I will try my hand at apple cider.

a picture of Devan holding a tiny pumpkin. She has a brown leather jacket on and her big reversible scarf

And that is my 10 things that I have to do for fall. I truly enjoy doing all of these because there is just something different about fall. The way it smells, the way it washes over me and bring about a calmness. It is also not 35 degrees celcius so I am not sweat out liters of water, so that is a bonus.

Like I had said on previous posts expect an influx in the fall posts. I have a few ideas in mind just have to execute them.

Until next time